• Strength, durability and weight: steel studs are lighter and stronger than wood products (contrary to what most people think, steel studs weights 30-50% less than wood) .
  • Size and quality: steel studs come in various sizes, responding to most common standard practices and sizes of wood studs;
  • Termite and fire-resistance: steel is termite-resistant and fairly resistant to fire (though not fireproof; once a fire declared, steel studs can collapse).
  • Moisture resistance: steel is obviously moisture-resistant.
  • Interior partition walls: steel studs are a good choice for interior partition walls, where the conductivity of steel doesn't matter. In other words: steel framing (for interior walls) can combine with wood-frame or other building system. That’s a way of overcoming the low thermal resistance of steel, while benefiting from its advantages.
  • Environmental advantages and disadvantages: Steel studs are 100% recyclable and light-gauge steel framing has about 20-25% recycled content. Steel-framing is often seen as a way of saving our forests, but it also contains a lot of virgin material…. On the other hand, new wood framing materials are mostly engineered products, made with agricultural and wood wastes; and wood may come from sustainable harvested forests (FSC certified), while steel production is very energy intensive.
  • Price: The Light Steel Framing Structures have the best cost/performance ratio due to the less intervention of skilled labor and the low percentage of losses of raw materials and materials during construction.
  • Construction time: The construction time is less than 1/3 compared with the conventional construction.
  • Structure: The light steel structures have high seismic resistance because of the flexibility of the construction system, since the entire structure be screwed. The durability of the light steel frame constructions is also high due to the basic characteristics of the steel and to the low need for maintenance over the years.

  • Sustainable Construction: The method of construction in light steel frames uses no polluting materials and reduces about 70% of energy consumption. The CO2 emissions are also lower and all materials used in construction can be recycled. Apart from the fact the steel scraps are reused, OSB is also one material 100% sustainable

  • Exterior Aspect: The final exterior appearance of buildings constructed with Light Steel Framing system is very similar to that of the ones built with conventional systems. However, the great advantage of the buildings constructed in light steel frames consists in maintaining fresh and new look for a long time, without leaks, cracks or faded colors.

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Light Steel Construction

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